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TOP 5 Exciting Algarve Aerial Adventures

#1 Aerobatic Flights | #2 Tandem Skydive | #3 Scenic Flights
#4 Aerial Message | #5 Aerial Banner

Looking to experience the thrill of the sky?

Try one of these breathtaking activities to satisfy your thirst for height.

Air Emotions is the main aerial experiences company at Portimão Airfield, a well know brand from Sevenair Group, located 5 min from Portimão city (Alvor).

IATA code is PRM, while its ICAO code is LPPM.

ADVENTURERS HAVE LONG sought the stomach-dropping sensation of a bungee jump or the excitement of a skydive, but what’s next on the horizon for heights-loving daredevils? These nine aerial experiences will test your will and send you to the clouds.

Portimão Airport , Airfield General Services

Portimão Airfield Tower

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Portimão Municipal Airport is an integral part of the secondary network of Portuguese Civil Airport. The locations conditions of the infrastructure are those necessary for aerial operation according to the rules of visual flight, night flights are not allowed (operates between sunrise and sunset).

This municipal equipment with the capacity to serve the traffic of light aircraft and helicopters, namely private and business aviation, air transport, diversified aerial work such as: aerial advertising, Panoramic observation flights, aerial photography and filming, verification and cleaning high voltage lines, searches and rescue; health transport and medical emergency and support in situations of major accident, catastrophes or public calamities; allows the practice of activities.

Oficial Portimão Airport Contacts

+351 282 480 360

[email protected]

Latitude: 37.149N
Longitude: 8.583W
Time: UTC+0
Runway: 870m / 2854ft (Paved)
Elevation: 5ft
Fuel availability: JET and Avgas
Hours of operation: 1000 – 1800 UTC
Customs: No
Immigration: No
ATC Tel: + 351 282480360
ATC Email: [email protected]

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