Aerial Messages is definitely a company I would recommend to anyone
who is looking for a sky banner display to celebrate a special event. Halberty from Holland.

Why Aerial Advertising?

It’s time to add Aerial Advertising to your marketing efforts or special moment invitation.

Whether you have banners or billboards pulled behind a plane, use Skywriting, or even launch a blimp, you’re going to get results from your campaign that outweigh the benefits of other advertising opportunities in many ways.

Some popular aerial advertising opportunities include:

Some popular aerial messages opportunities

Sporting Events, Concerts and Music Festivals
Carnival and Fairs, Beaches, Rush Hour Traffic
Birthdays, Baby Gender Reveals, Anniversaries, Proposals, Weddings!

The messaging promoted by Aerial Advertising is also very flexible, allowing for opportunities to promote

Personal Messages, Brand Awareness, Discount Offers, Promotions, Grand Openings, Ticket Sales, Political Messages, And more!

Alvor Beach

Just 8km west of Portimão, one of the largest towns in the Algarve, and within walking distance of Praia da Rocha’s pumping late night party scene, Alvor with its huge sandy beach offers a relatively peaceful and calm alternative.


Algarve became a popular destination for tourists, mainly from the United Kingdom. It has since become a common destination for people from Germany, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Many of these tourists own their own property in the region. 

personal message price

STANDARD LOCATION: Prainha, Praia dos Três Irmãos, Praia de Alvor (Nascente), Praia de Alvor (Poente). Contact us for other Algarve locations!




  • The message must always be previously reserved (at least 24h), contact us by phone or email.
  • Air Emotions (or partner) reserves the right to cancel promotions without notice.
  • This service and other air services are always dependent on external conditions and factors, many of which are impossible to control or anticipate. Meteorology, supplies, air traffic control, aircraft operation, among others that may affect the execution of aerial banners.
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    Between 3 to 5 minutes of message presentation with approximately 15 minutes of flight for the base service at Alvor beach.